The Cause and our Vision

The Cause

Our team set out to Nepal with the intention to help existing orphanages, however we quickly saw major issues and corruption, and found that the biggest problem was right in front of us – on the streets.

We have seen children as young as four trying to survive alone, addicted to sniffing glue, in desperate attempts to escape their bleak reality. There are over 5000 street children in Nepal trapped in a cycle of addiction, with no family, no paperwork, and therefore no support from the government.

Without structured intervention, of which there is none, the crisis will continue to escalate and these kids will continue to die young. With your help, we can change this.

Our Vision

Our team has extensive experience in working in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and a deep understanding of the processes that help to free people from addiction and transform their lives. We have seen the great success of these recovery processes in the UK, and it is our vision to apply the same in Nepal, giving thousands of addicted street children a chance at life.

Recognising that the children need immediate removal from their treacherous environments and the supply of the glue that traps them in addiction, and safety from the adults who exploit them, we have committed to purchase a 16 bedroom guest house that we will renovate into a rehabilitation centre.

This will provide comfort, shelter, and detoxification from addictive drugs that these children so desperately need, alongside a base where they can grow as a family, developing education and life skills for a brighter future. Alongside our team of full time workers, the centre will also accommodate volunteers, providing an opportunity for a life changing experience working with the children and helping the project.

You can help us realise our vision. We are currently raising funds for the development of our project now, and all donations help today, or find out how else you can help.


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